Frequently Asked Questions

I bought a ticket via the E-SHOP more than 24 hours ago and it does not appear on my E-SHOP account.

After your purchase on the E-SHOP, you have to wait for at least 24 hours before you hold your MOBIB/basic MOBIB card in front of a validator (or a SELF dispenser). Make sure you hold your card properly in front of the validator screen for several seconds, until the message 'Teledistribution carried out' is displayed. Your ticket is now loaded on your card. Then, for your ticket to be visible in your E-SHOP account, you must wait again at least 24 hours after the validation so that the information that was transmitted in the bus reaches our central system.

What are the authorised means of payment?

Payment is by means of debit or bank cards (Maestro, Visa or MasterCard). You can also pay with the Bancontact application (if it is installed on your smartphone). Note: it is not possible to make purchases greater than € 500 using the Bancontact application. In this case, we encourage you to use the secure online payment site.

How to log on to the mobile E-SHOP:

Use your MOBIB number which is written on your MOBIB card and is composed of 19 figures.

I have a MOBIB card from another operator (STIB, De Lijn or SNCB), can I use the mobile E-SHOP?

To be able to log on to E-SHOP, your card must be registered in our ticketing system. To do this, you must go to a TEC SPACE with a MOBIB card and ask for your access codes to the E-SHOP.

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